Investiture Achievement

Guide Level


Guides are Pathfinders in 10th grade. Guides recite the Adventist Youth (AY) aim, pledge, and motto, illustrate through words and actions the AY aim meaning, and earn the Guide reading certificate. Some of the fun and exciting honors Guides can earn are Digital Photography, Christian Drama, Geocaching - Advanced, Copper Enameling - Advanced, House Painting - Interior, Pioneering, and Junior Youth Leadership. Additionally, Guides teach Knot Tying, Red Alert, Camping Skills III, and Camping Skills IV to other Pathfinders.


Guide Level Tracks from Director's Guide

A page from the Investiture Achievement Director's Guide. Get the entire book for FREE on the Downloads page.
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Spanish: Purchase Book Download Page (380kb)

Guide Level Requirements from Director's Guide

A page from the Investiture Achievement Director's Guide.
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Guide Level Record Chart

This chart will keep track of the achievements of multiple Pathfinders in completing their level requirements.
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Guide Level Record Card

A small, tri-fold card for keeping track of the achievements of one Pathfinder at their level.
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Guide Level Record Journal

The official Record Journal designed to creatively engage Pathfinders in the Investiture Achievement requirements.
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Spanish: Purchase JournalDownload (20mb)

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