Investiture Achievement

Voyager Level

Nature Study

  1. a. Read a book or at least four articles on Intelligent Design in nature.
    a. Do one of the following:
    • Review the story of Nicodemus and relate it to the lifecycle of the butterfly.
    • Draw a lifecycle chart of the caterpillar giving the spiritual significance.
    • Watch a video relating to Intelligent Design and discuss its spiritual significance.
  2. House Plants/Butterflies
    Raise a plant using hydroponic principles.
    Draw, collect or photograph 10 species of butterflies, and identify correctly.

Frontier Voyager
  • Complete Voyager requirements.
  • Edible Wild Plants/Environmental Conservation
    Identify, prepare and eat 10 varieties of edible wild plants.
    Investigate and write a report on a small stream.
  • Complete a nature honor not previously earned. (Skill level 2 or 3)

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