Investiture Achievement

Ranger Level

Nature Study

  1. a. Read two articles from science that relate to the laws of nature.
    b. Perform three experiments which demonstrate the laws of nature (e.g. law of gravity, law of magnetism).
    c. What are the common factors between the Ten Commandments and the laws of nature?
  2. Lichens/Shells
    Make an “eternal garden.”
    Collect and identify 15 different shells and tell where they may be found.

Wilderness Ranger
  • Complete Ranger requirements
  • Insects/Wild Flowers
    Collect and mount colored drawings, paintings or photographs of 15 species of insects representing at least 6 different orders.
    Draw, photograph or collect pictures of 20 kinds of wild flowers and identify correctly.
  • Complete a nature honor, not previously earned. (Skill level 2 or 3)

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Glorimar Teixeira
2011-10-18 3:44 PM

Many instructors have difficulty with the science experiments for this section. Below are simple experiments that can be done with the pathfinders.  I have left the spiritual application as an open ended question because the kids can identify different things.
a. Experiment 1:
It's a force of attraction that exists between any two objects that have mass.  The more mass they have, the greater the force of attraction.  The closer they are, the greater the force of attraction
                        Materials you will need:
  1. Small rubber ball
  2. Flat table top surfer
  3. Medium Size canning jar (wide mouth) or a jar with a lip/neck (large mayonnaise jar)
Now see if you can lift the ball up from the table top without touching the ball or tipping over the jar. Were you able to do it?
1.   Place the ball on top of the table
2.   Place the jar over the ball so that the ball is inside the mouth of the canning jar.
3. Start spinning the jar around in a circular motion (keeping it on the table).
4. Once the ball starts spinning inside the jar lift it from the table top.
5. The ball is lifted from the table and will continue to spin inside the jar until it loses is speed.
This works because the ball spinning inside the jar is trying to escape but the jar itself forces the ball to stay inside the wall of the jar. Due to the force of the spin or speed the ball will continue to spin until it loses its speed and gravity will pull it back to earth and the ball will fall from the jar.

2011-10-18 3:51 PM


Materials you will need:

• Water
• A Magnet
• A Paper-Clip
• A Clear Glass
• A Piece of Cardboard
• A Plastic or Wooden Ruler


Is the force of magnetism strong enough to travel through things?


1.  Draw a maze on a piece of cardboard.  Can you guide a paper-clip through the maze?

Place the paperclip on the top of your cardboard with the maze facing up. Place the magnet under your cardboard where the paperclip is resting on top. Now move your magnet around and see what happens.

2.  Can you rescue a paper-clip from a glass of water without getting wet?


Fill you glass with water and drop the paper-clip inside the glass. Take the magnet and place it on the outside of the glass close to the magnet and see if you can pull the paper-clip to the side of the glass and up to the top (without getting wet).

3.  Will the paper-clip climb the ruler?  (You can use a plastic or a wooden ruler).


Hold your ruler so that one end is resting on a flat surface and hold the other end up at a angle. Place the magnet on the under side of the ruler (the end that it resting on the flat surface) and then place the paperclip on the top of the ruler (again, the end of the ruler that is resting on the flat surface). Move the magnet to go up to the top end of the ruler.

How magnets pull:  Magnets pull on magnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, cobalt and steel, but pull through non-magnetic things, like cardboard, glass, plastic and wood. Magnets can even travel through water.

Jobs of Magnets:  

Did you know that magnets hold the fridge door closed?
Did you know that magnets are used to lift cars in a scrapyard?
Did you know that cranes with giant magnets are used to pick/pull out metals from landfills?
Did you know that magnets fasten hand bags?

2011-10-18 3:54 PM


Materials you will need:

• A Bowl
• Water
• An Orange
• A Friend


1. Fill the bowl with water. What happens to the orange?
2. See if your friend can get the orange to sink.
3. Take the orange and peel it.
4. Place the peeled orange back in the bowl of water. What happens this time?

The orange sinks because the orange peel if full of trapped air pockets, therefore making the orange light for its size (so it floats). When you remove the peel (including the air pockets) the orange weighs a lot for its size. Then it sinks because the orange is denser than the water.

Deirdre Sorensen
2011-10-21 12:46 PM

Thank you for sharing Gloria!  These will be very helpful.

2011-10-22 8:34 PM

Thank you so much for sharing these experiments

2011-11-27 12:03 AM

Thank you so much!


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