Investiture Achievement

Ranger Level

Health and Fitness

  1. Learn the value of divine power & rest by:
    1. For five consecutive days, spend eight minutes each day in a quiet spot (no electronics, books or distractions) and reflect on ways God has touched your life during the last 24 hours.
    2. Share what you liked and didn’t like about your quiet time with a friend or your group.
    3. Keep a sleep log for seven days.
    4. Find an article on how a lack of sleep affects the body and make a presentation about what you have learned (are you getting enough sleep?).
    5. Read these texts:
    6. Discuss with your group, “How will I keep the Sabbath so it will be a meaningful experience in my relationship with God and positively impact my physical health?”
  2. Earn the First Aid Honor.
  3. Complete the Basic Water Safety Honor OR Beginner Swimming Honor, if not previously earned.

Wilderness Ranger
  1. Complete Ranger requirements.
  2. Participate in a lifestyle fitness program for your age such as:

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Deidre Sorensen
2011-10-21 12:45 PM

Earning the first aid honor is proving difficult.  I have the skills to teach, which is good because hiring an instructor would cost more than our budget for the entire year.  However there aren't very many resources out there.  It would be great if there were some handouts/activity sheets to help the kids learn.  Maybe some scenarios for teachers to use, step by step, in teaching the requirements.  It is also very difficult to get a CPR mannequin to work with - a cost an issue again for a small club.  Does anyone know of these type of resources? 
We are in Canada.


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