Investiture Achievement

Explorer Level

Spiritual Discovery

  1. Learn how to use a Bible Concordance by selecting two topics and/or words to discover how it is used in the Bible.
  2. Memorize one Bible text (not previously learned) for each of the following subjects:
  3. Role-play the experience of a person of the New Testament Church in the book of Acts.
  4. a. Learn about eight missionaries (to at least four continents) who served during the Seventh-day Adventist Mission Expansion (1900 to 1950).
    b. On a world map, plot their country of service (include at least 4 continents).
    c. Make a presentation about your favorite missionary.

Wilderness Explorer
  1. Complete Explorer requirements.
  2. Compare the expansion of the early Christian Church in the book of Acts to the mission expansion of the Seventh-day Adventist church up to 1950.
  3. Study and discuss one of the following life issues with your Explorer group and an adult: Abuse, TV & Movie Theatres , Reading.

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Glorimar Teixeira
2012-10-17 10:25 AM

For those looking for information to cover requirements  4, here are a few links that can help.

*Ellen White Audio has audio books about Adventist Pioneers.
*Church Heritage Manual, Chapters 7-10 contain 8+ pioneeers


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