Investiture Achievement

Companion Level

Outdoor Living

  1. Tie and know the practical use of 20 knots.
  2. Earn the Camping Skills II Honor, if not previously earned.

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mary alao
2014-08-26 11:34 AM

can you explain what they trying to tell us in page 31

Lonny Nelson
2015-04-07 2:40 PM

Hello Mary,
From page 31 of the Companion Record Journal I understand it to read as follows:
a. From the book titled A 6 Day Creation Week" read pages 1-13.  This book is available at AdventSource:
b. From my personal observations (different for each person), each day, list the things that I find in nature that correspond to that days items.  An example from a pathfinder might be:
Day 1 Light - rainbow, flashlight, lightning bug, Aurora borealis
Day 2 Air & Sky - clouds, flying birds, oxygen mask, bubbles


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