Investiture Achievement

Companion Level

Health and Fitness

  1. Learn the value of temperance by:
    a. Memorize and sign the Temperance Pledge.
    b. Memorizing two of the following Bible texts: c. Discuss all the following situations and roleplay one:
    • Your best friend asks you to try a cigarette
    • An older relative offers you a drink of beer
    • The smoke from a stranger’s cigarette is bothering you.
    (a fulfills requirement #1, b & c fulfill parts of requirements #2 & #7 of the Temperance Honor)
  2. Earn the Basic First Aid Honor.
  3. Complete the Basic Water Safety Honor OR Beginner Swimming Honor, if not previously earned.

Trail Companion
  1. Complete Companion requirements.
  2. Participate in a lifestyle fitness program for your age such as:

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