Investiture Achievement

Companion Level

Serving Others

  1. In consultation with your leader, plan ways and find opportunities to spend at least two hours helping an elderly person.
  2. Spend at least four hours participating in projects that benefit the church or school.

Trail Companion
  1. Complete Companion requirements.
  2. Participate in an outreach activity, and bring a non-club member to participate with you.

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2012-11-11 6:31 AM

i want the answers! where are they?

Lonny Nelson
2015-04-07 2:02 PM

Hello d2,
The requirements are designed to give you a guideline without restricting you to specific implementations.  In other words the requirement is outlined and you can decide how to accomplish and fulfill the requirement.  This opens up a world of possibilities.  What works for one club may not work for another.  It would be helpful if other staff shared their methods.


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