Investiture Achievement

Companion Level

Personal Growth

  1. Be in Grade 6 or its equivalent.
  2. a. Develop your daily devotional life by studying the Weekly Devotional Guide (weeks 14 – 26) and the book of Genesis utilizing printed or electronic resources.
    b. Journal your thoughts by asking these questions:
    • “What did I learn about God?”
    • “What did I learn about myself?”
    • “How can I apply this to my life today?”
    You may journal through writing, drawing or electronic process.
  3. a. Memorize the Pathfinder Pledge & Law.
    b. Learn the meaning of the Pathfinder Pledge & Law.
  4. a. Learn or review the Pathfinder Song.
    b. Illustrate its meaning.

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Darrietta Redding
2011-08-30 1:32 PM

Where are we soppose to get the,  Weekly Devotioal Guide from.  Are we using the one we find on the enternet?

2011-09-25 7:15 AM

Its in the Record journal that you can download and print. 

Mark O'Ffill
2013-06-26 3:44 PM


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