Investiture Achievement

Friend Level

Outdoor Living

  1. Tie and know the practical use of 10 knots.
  2. Earn the Camping Skills I Honor.

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2012-08-14 12:26 AM

What knots?  the easiest ones?  one from each categorie? (ie. stopper knot, first aid knot, macrame knot, fishing knot?????)

Lonny Nelson
2015-04-07 1:51 PM

Hello Jenny,
For this level I choose the ten most usefull knots that they might actually use on a campout and create oppertunities for tham to practice these knots.  They should be simple knots as each level (Companion & Explorer) will continue to build on the the ones already learned.  I love the "Why Knot" DVD from AdventSource - it is my instructor allowing me to assist the pathfinders.


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