Investiture Achievement

Friend Level

Spiritual Discovery

  1. a. Memorize in order the names of the New Testament books of the Bible and know the four areas into which the books are grouped.
    b. Demonstrate your ability to find any New Testament book.
  2. Memorize a Bible text for the following subjects:
  3. Participate in a skit on a story about the life of Jesus like:
    • Jesus in the temple at 12.
    • Jesus being tempted in the wilderness.
    • Jesus feeding the 5,000.
    • Or another favorite story about Jesus
  4. Learn about the world-wide Advent Awakening (late 1700s to 1844 time period) by identifiying seven people and three events explaining why they are important.

Trail Friend
  1. Complete Friend requirements.
  2. Create a time line showing the main events of the life of Jesus.

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Deidre Watson
2012-12-28 4:37 PM

What is meant by Trail Friend and are we obligated to complete those requirements. I am new to pathfindering.

2013-03-01 9:48 PM

where are the list of texts in the 7 subject areas to choose from in order to memorize?

Paseka Temana
2013-10-03 7:35 AM

Just click on the above subjects and the verses will appear.

Terry Trecartin
2013-11-08 10:23 PM

Thank you so much for this list. In the list of Prayer texts to memorize the text for 1st Thessalonians 3:10 takes you to1st Samuel 12:23?

Lonny Nelson
2015-04-07 1:45 PM

Thanks Terry,
This error has been corected and points to the correct verse.


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