Investiture Achievement

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Personal Growth

  1. Be in Grade 5 or its equivalent.
  2. a. Develop your daily devotional life by studying the Weekly Devotional Guide (weeks 1 – 13) and the book of Matthew utilizing printed or electronic resources.
    b. Journal your thoughts by asking these questions:You may journal through writing, drawing or electronic process.
    • “What did I learn about God?”
    • “What did I learn about myself?”
    • “How can I apply this to my life today?”
  3. Memorize the Pathfinder Pledge & Law.
  4. Learn the Pathfinder Song.

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2013-05-10 10:03 AM

A fun way to practice the Pledge and Law is by singing it.  My daughter and I put them to music and have taught the songs to our club.  Below I have included links.



2013-06-04 5:37 PM

I have found that singing helps kids remember words.  My daughter and I wrote songs for the Pledge and Law.  You can download pdf's of these songs at the following links:

Pathfinder Pledge

Pathfinder Law

2014-09-23 11:09 AM

Thanks Charlene. I play the Pathfinder 2 song on the guitar for our club.

Arturo Gonzalez
2015-01-06 5:33 PM

anyone has the tunes to the above? it will be of great help for those who dont know music like me... and dont have a pianist at church


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